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Y2 Series Compact High Voltage Three-phase Asynchronous Motor (H355~560)

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Related introduction

Y2 Series Compact high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor is a high-efficiency and energy-saving product developed by our company in the 21st century. According to the new technology of high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor design and the long-term and stable experience of motor design and manufacture in our company, the performance of Y2 Series Compact high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor is close to or up to foreign advanced water products, and the protection grade is IP54. Or IP55.
The performance and installation dimensions of this series of motors conform to IEC and GB755 standards and relevant professional and technical standards. And our company has passed the certification of ISO 9001 international quality system many times, from the order, development, manufacturing, inspection, sales and service process all in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 quality system control.
The motor power supply is a three-phase 50Hz (or 60Hz) power supply with a voltage level of 6kV. It can also be designed as
according to customer's needs.
3 kV, 3.3 kV, 6.6 kV and so on. The installation mode is usually IMB3. It can also be designed as IMB35 and IMV1 (including bearing appropriate axial force) according to the needs of customers.
This series of motors adopt cold rolled non-oriented silicon steel sheet with high magnetic conductivity and low loss, thus low loss and high efficiency. The motor adopts reliable F-class insulation structure and
. Vacuum pressure (VPI) dipping paint, temperature rise is designed according to B grade assessment, which prolongs the aging life of insulation. The basic ventilation mode of this series of motors is IC411, and the cooling and heat dissipation conditions are relatively mature. This series of motors have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, low vibration, low noise, reliable performance and convenient safety maintenance.
The motor is allowed to start directly and step-down at rated voltage and frequency.
This series of motors are three-phase asynchronous motors for general use. They can be used to drive all kinds of general mechanical equipment, such as compressors, fans, pumps, crushers and other mechanical equipment. They can also be used as prime movers in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other environments where conditions are poor.

2.Model description

3.Structural description
Y2 three-phase asynchronous motor adopts a new generation of advanced high-strength cast iron structure in the world. The motor base and end cover adopt high-strength cast iron structure. The exterior of the frame has orthogonal distribution - vertical and horizontal distribution of radiating ribs, so it has good heat dissipation performance, good overall stiffness and durability.
The stator core and the machine base adopt the exterior pressing structure, which can be easily maintained. Stator windings are insulated by F-class insulation, which is fixed in the stator slot by slot wedge, with reliable fixing and binding at the end. During the manufacturing process, the stator windings have been subjected to many turn-to-turn pulse voltage tests and voltage withstanding tests, and treated by vacuum pressure (VPI) immersion solvent-free paint process, which makes the stator windings have good structural strength and insulation performance. It can be used in harsh environment and has good electrical performance.
The motor rotor is made of cast aluminium structure by special technology. The rotor guide bar, end ring and fan are formed once, which improves the reliability and increases the rotational inertia of the allowable dragging load. And with the precise rotor balance system, the motor runs smoothly, and the vibration and noise are greatly reduced. Rolling bearing structure is adopted in the motor. There are non-stop refueling and oil discharging devices. Good design of bearing structure can prevent dust and rainwater intrusion.
The outlet box has compact structure, high protection level, reliable connection terminals, flexible connection mode and multi-direction connection. The outlet box is usually placed on the right side of the motor (as seen by the axle extension end) or on the left side of the motor according to the user's needs, but it must be noted by the customer when ordering.

4. Instructions for Order
1. When ordering, the customer must specify the motor type, power (kW), voltage, frequency, rotation direction, protection level, cooling mode, outlet direction, special environmental conditions and the use requirements of supporting machinery and equipment.
2. Generally, temperature measuring elements can be installed on the stator and bearing of this series of motors. There are three front and rear stator ends and one PT100 thermoelectric < br /> front and rear bearing respectively. Resistance, also can be installed on both sides of the motor seat anti-condensation dehumidification heater, if necessary or other requirements, please note when ordering.
3. Motor main junction box and auxiliary junction box (with temperature measuring elements and heater) are usually placed on the right side of the motor seat when they are extended to the axle (that is, the UVW outlet end is on the right side), or on the left side of the motor according to the customer's order requirements.
4.Y2 series motor starting process, the terminal voltage of power supply should not be less than 85% of the rated voltage of the motor, the motor is generally not allowed to start frequently, in the cold state allows two consecutive start (natural stop between two start), or in the rated operation after a hot start, additional restart should be stopped in the motor. After one hour (the extra restart of stage 2 motor should be after four hours of motor shutdown). When the drive machinery has resistance moment characteristics, such as pumps and fans, it is more important to avoid multiple starting.
1) Motors other than the power specifications listed in the table.
2) Vertical motor or other mounting motor.
3) Motor with special installation size or special shape size.
4) Motors with imitation requirements.
5) Motors with special and high requirements for performance parameters.
6) Motor with other special requirements.
7. With the progress of technology and the modification of relevant standards at home and abroad, the size and technical parameters of this sample will change. Understand that no further notice is required. When ordering, please confirm or request the formal outline drawing and related information from the technical department of the company.

5. Technical data
5.1 & nbsp; Technical data of 6kV motors are shown in Table 9.
Technical data of 5.2 10 kV motors are shown in Table 10.