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Y.YKK.YKS Series High Voltage Three-phase Asynchronous Motor (H355~630)

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1.Overview of
Y, YKK, YKS series (6KV, 10KV) high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor (seat number 355-630) is the latest product of our company in the 1990s. It is an optimized series of high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor based on the introduction and absorption of foreign high-voltage motor manufacturing technology, combined with the company's long-term stable production experience in the design and manufacture of high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor. Product.
This series of products adopt new technology, new materials, new technology, exquisite material selection, excellent manufacturing in the 1990s. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, small vibration, light weight, reliable performance, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.
This series of motors conform to the national standard GB755 "Ration and Performance of Rotating Motors", industry standard JB/T7593 "Technical Conditions for Y Series High Voltage Three-phase Asynchronous Motors (Seat No. 355-630)", JB/T10315.1 "Technical Conditions for YKS, YKS-W, YQF Series High Voltage Three-phase Asynchronous Motors (Seat No. 355-630)", JB/T10315.2 "YKK, YKK-W" Series of high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor technical conditions (seat number 355-630), enterprise standard "10KV three-phase asynchronous motor (seat number 450-800) technical conditions" and IEC international standards, the mechanical dimensions and tolerances of each component meet the corresponding national and international standards.
The protection level of the motor shell is IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55 and so on. The cooling modes are IC01, IC611 and IC81W. The installation mode is IMB3. The corresponding protection type, cooling mode and installation mode can also be made according to the user's requirements.
This series of motors can also be made into wet tropical type, dry tropical type, outdoor type and outdoor anti-moderate corrosion type as well as outdoor wet tropical type.
This series of motors can be used to drive all kinds of general machinery, such as compressors, pumps, crushers, cutting machines, transport machinery and other mechanical equipment, in mines, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, power plants and other industrial and mining enterprises in the prime mover role.

2. Model Description

3. Structural description
This series of motors adopt the internationally popular box structure. The seat and end cover are welded with steel plates. They are light in weight and have good stiffness. The top cover can be removed or cooled < br/>. It can observe or touch the inside of the motor. It is easy to install and maintain.
Y series is the basic series, the protection level is IP23. On this basis, adding some components can easily derive different cooling and protection modes of production < br />. Product.
Connection box is sealed structure, protection level is IP54 or IP55, generally installed in the right side of the motor (from the axle extension end), according to user needs can also be installed in the left < br />. On the side, the entry hole of the box is facing downward, and there are separate grounding terminals inside and outside the box.
The stator is equipped with three external pressure structures: hoisting, sliding and pressing. The stator winding is made of F-class insulation material, VPI vacuum pressure dipping technology, magnetic slot wedge and reliable fixing and binding measures at the end. The insulation performance is excellent and reliable, the mechanical strength is high, and the moisture-proof ability is strong, which makes the motor run safely and reliably.
The rotor adopts squirrel cage structure, which is checked by high precision dynamic balance. The motor runs smoothly and has small vibration. The motor is equipped with a cylindrical axle extension. It can also be made into two axes extension according to user's needs.
According to the power and speed of the motor, rolling bearings and sliding bearings are adopted. Rolling bearings are equipped with non-stop injection and oil drainage devices, which can realize the maintenance and maintenance of the motor by adding lubricating grease regularly under the condition of continuous operation of the motor.
Sliding bearings are end-cap spherical sliding bearings, which adopt pressure oil supply lubrication or oil ring self-lubrication combined lubrication. Meanwhile, measures to prevent shaft current are taken.

4. Conditions of Use
Ambient Air Temperature: - 15 ~ + 40
Elevation: no more than 1000 meters
Working system: S1
Environmental conditions: indoor, outdoor (W), wet tropical (TH), outdoor wet tropical (THW).

5.Technical data

Table 1 Technical data of Y and YKS series (6kV) motors

6. Structural and installation dimensions
The outline and installation dimensions of Y, YKK, YKS series (6kV, 10kV) high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors (seat number 355-630) are shown in the table.