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Classification of Three-phase Asynchronous Motor

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Classification of Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Three-phase asynchronous electric power is generally a series of products, its series, varieties and specifications are various, so there are many classifications.
Classification of Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
Three-phase asynchronous electric power is generally a series of products, its series, varieties and specifications are various, so there are many classifications.
1. Classification by motor size
Large motor: stator core outer diameter D > 1000mm or seat center height H > 630mm.
Medium-sized motor: D = 500 ~ 1000mm or H = 355 ~ 630mm.
Large motor: D = 120 ~ 500mm or H = 80 ~ 315mm.
2. Classification according to protective structure of motor housing
3. Classification according to motor cooling mode
The motor can be divided into self-cooling type, self-fan cooling type and other fan cooling type according to the cooling mode. Refer to National Standard GB/T1993-93 "Cooling Method of Rotating Motor".
4. Classification according to the installation form of motor
IMB3: Horizontal, seat with foot, end cover without flange.
IMB5: Horizontal with no bottom foot and flange on end cover.
IMB35: Horizontal, with base foot and flange on end cover.
5. Classification according to motor operating system
S1; Continuous working system
S2: Short-term working system
S3~S8: Periodic Work System
6. Classification by Rotor Structural Form
Three-phase cage asynchronous motor
Three-phase winding asynchronous motor
Type and Selection of Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
The compilation method of motor product models in China is implemented in accordance with the national standard GB4831-84, the compilation method of motor product models, which consists of Chinese phonetic alphabet, international common symbols and Arabic numerals, arranged in the following order.
1 Product (Type) Code
CHANPINGUI Asynchronous Motor Synchronous Generator DC Generator Turbogenerator Hydrogenerator Dynamometer Submersible Pump Textile Motor AC Commutator Motor
Product code Y T TF Z ZF QF SF C QF H
2 Special Environment Code
Use occasion: External Chemical Anticorrosion for plateau ship users in wet and dry zones for tropical use
Chinese phonetic alphabet T TH TA G H W F
Product Specification Code: L---- Long Seat, M---- Middle Seat, S--- Short Seat.
Here are two examples of products:
(1) Three-phase asynchronous motor
Y2--132M--4 code, center height 132mm, M middle seat, 4 poles
Product code, asynchronous motor, second modification design
(2) Outdoor anticorrosive three-phase asynchronous motor
Y---100L2--4--WF1 Special Environment Code, W Outdoor, F Chemical Antisepsis, 1 Medium Antisepsis
Specification code number, center height 100, second core length of long seat, 4 poles
Product code, asynchronous motor
3 Commonly used three-phase asynchronous motor product type, structure characteristics and application occasion
Serial Name, Type, Seat Number and Power Range Structural Characteristics and Application Situations
Old and new
1 small three-phase asynchronous motor (closed) Y2
(IP55) Y (IP44)
JO H80~355
The 0.75-315KW enclosure is enclosed to prevent dust and water droplets from immersing. Y2 is Class F insulation, Y is Class B insulation, JO2 is Class E insulation for all kinds of mechanical equipment without special requirements, such as metal cutting machine tools, pumps, blowers, transport machinery, etc.
2 Small Trinomial Asynchronous Motor (Protective)Y
(IP23) J2.J H160-315
The 11~250KW case is protective, which can prevent the impurities or droplets with diameter greater than 12 mm from entering the motor at 60 degrees angle with the vertical line. It is suitable for all kinds of mechanical equipment with long running time and high load rate.
3-efficient three-phase asynchronous motor YX
(IP44) H100-280
1.5-90KW cold-rolled silicon steel sheet and new technology can reduce motor loss. Its efficiency is 3% higher than that of Y basic series on average. It is suitable for heavy-duty starting occasions, such as lifting equipment, winch, compressor, pump, etc.
YR (IP44) of 4-winding three-phase asynchronous motor
(IP23) JRO2
JR2 H132~280
4~75KW rotor is winding type. It can obtain large starting torque through external resistance of rotor and adjust motor speed in a certain range by stages.
YD of 5-variable frequency and multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor
(IP44) JDO2 H80~280
0.55~90KW is derived from Y basic series. It uses multi-set stator winding connection method to achieve motor speed change. It is suitable for all-purpose, combination, special cutting machine tool and multi-stage speed regulation transmission mechanism.
6 High Slip Rate Three-phase Asynchronous Motor YH
(IP44) JHO2 H80~280
0.55~90KW is derived from Y series. It uses rotor deep groove and high resistivity rotor conductor structure. It has large blocking torque, high slip rate, small blocking current and soft mechanical characteristics. It can withstand impact loads for driving flywheel with large torque and uneven impact loads, such as hammer hammer, shear, punch, forging and smelting machine, etc.
YCT JZT H112~335 Three-phase Asynchronous Motor with 7 Electromagnetic Speed Regulation
0.55~90KW is composed of Y series motor and electromagnetic clutch. Constant torque stepless speed regulating motor is used in stepless speed regulating occasion with constant speed, especially for loads such as fans, pumps, etc.
YEJ H80~225 of 8-phase electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor
0.55~45KW is composed of Y series motor and DC disc brake, which can stop quickly and locate correctly for lifting machinery, transportation, packaging, construction, food, woodworking machinery, etc.
9 Increased Safety Three-phase Asynchronous Motor YAJAO 2 H80~280
0.55~75KW strengthening measures on structure and protection in Y basic series are suitable for explosion dangerous occasions.
YB BJO 2 H80~315 Flameproof Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
0.55-220 KW is derived from Y basic series, which produces factories for coal mines and combustible gases according to the explosion-proof standards.
Y-W JO 2-W H80-315 Outdoor Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
0.55-160KW is derived from Y basic series, and measures are taken to strengthen structural seal, material and process anti-corrosion. Y-W is used for outdoor machinery, Y-F is used for machinery with chemical corrosive medium, Y-WF is used for various machinery with chemical corrosion outdoors for water pumps, oil pumps, blowers, exhaust fans and other mechanical equipment in petroleum, chemical industry, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing enterprises.