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Wuxi Anlida Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. It is a high and new technology enterprise specialized in producing and developing all kinds of high and low voltage explosion-proof motors and explosion-proof electrical equipment. It belongs to the designated production unit of National Petroleum and chemical industry equipment. It is a member unit of explosion-proof motor branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, a member unit of compressor branch of China General Machinery Industry Association and a member unit of coal mine machinery of Jiangsu Enterprises as governing units of industrial associations. Products are widely used in petroleum, coal, chemical industry, metallurgy, power and other fields. He has participated in the formulation and revision of national and industrial standards. He has established long-term cooperative relations with famous universities and research institutes in China, such as Nanyang Explosion-proof Electrical Research Institute, Nanjing University of Technology, and maintained friendly and extensive technical exchanges.

The company has strong production strength, complete testing facilities and advanced production technology. It has more than 60 sets of large-scale advanced production equipment, such as the first-class domestic CNC lathe, large special key groove milling machine, coil winding machine, expanding machine, tape wrapping machine, medium frequency induction welding machine, processing center and automatic welding equipment. The advanced V.P.I vacuum pressure impregnation system is used for insulation treatment of motors. It can meet the high standard requirements of heat resistance, high voltage resistance, shock resistance and corona protection of motor windings. It is equipped with 1200KVA frequency conversion test unit for product testing. All products of the company are qualified for product testing according to IEC standard requirements, and the standard rate of test is 100%.

The company has successfully passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system certification; the national industrial product production license certificate; the national mine product safety label certificate; the national explosion-proof electrical product quality supervision and inspection center license, Nanyang explosion-proof electrical research institute explosion-proof certificate and so on.

Our products include three series: explosion-proof low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor, ordinary low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor, explosion-proof high-voltage (ordinary high-voltage) three-phase asynchronous motor.

Series of low voltage flameproof low voltage flameproof three-phase three-phase asynchronous motor series (voltage 380-1140V, center height 63-355mm) including YB3-63-355 series flameproof motor (ExdIIAT4 Gb, ExdIIBT4Gb, ExdIIBT4Gb, ExdIIBT4Gb, ExdIICT4Gb ExdIICT4Gb), YBX3-63-355 series high-efficiency flameproof motor series (ExdIIAT4Gb, ExdIIBT4Gb, ExdIIBT4Gb, ExdIIBT4Gb, ExdIIBT4Gb, ExdIICT4Gb, ExdIICT4Gb, ExdIICT4Gb, ExdIICT4Gb, ExdIn addition, there is a basis for this. YBK3 series of mining motors; YBX3-W, TH, THW, TA, TAW, YB3-W, TH, TA, TAW series motors; YBEJ flameproof electromagnetic brake motor; YBD series flameproof variable-pole multi-speed motor; YBBP series variable-frequency speed motor (80-500mm), YFB3 series dust explosion-proof motor, and YBS conveyor flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor, YBJ winch. Flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor-nbsp;.

Explosion-proof high-voltage motors (voltage 3-10KV): YB2 compact series (seat number 355-560mm).

Common high voltage motor series (voltage 3-10KV): Y2 compact series (355-560mm), Y, YKK, YKS series (355-630).

Wuxi Anlida Electric Co., Ltd. adheres to the purpose of providing customers with satisfactory service, creating development space for employees and creating wealth for society. Adhere to the development concept of "customer first, honesty first" and "professional quality", and work with you to create the future.