Three Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Warm This Winter

Outside, the falling snow creates a picturesque view of white that seems to reach far beyond your yard. As you watch it from your window, you hear nothing. Yet, it gives you a sense of peace. Or, it would if you weren’t shivering right now.

Heat Without Warmth

According to the thermostat, you should be toasty as you watch the snow fall. However, no matter how much you raise the temperature, it’s still cold. You’ve checked the HVAC unit several times and the pilot light is at full power. But when you put your hand over the vents, very little warm air comes out.

The Source of the Problem

Before you call for a repair service, you want to do some investigating. In the end, the problem could be something resolvable in a few minutes. Then again, once you’re done, a call to a company like Comfortable Climate might take place.

Thus, here are three things to review in order to determine why your house isn’t warm this winter.

1. A faulty thermostat could be the basis of your issues. While the display says it’s 70 in the house, the true temperature might be 10 degrees cooler. The thermostat’s cover needs to be securely attached to the connectors to maintain power. If this looks good, then check the display for a battery replacement warning.

2. A dirty filter is the next place to look. As dust and debris accumulate on the filter it no longer has the ability to push the good air through. Hence, it won’t move up to the other vents inside your home. The simple solution is to replace the filter with a new one. Just make sure it is the correct size.

3. Clogged vents also halt the flow of air. And, if your filter is dirty, there’s a good chance the vents are the same way.

If the vents are clogged or the other troubleshooting steps don’t pan out, then contact an HVAC repair service to come out, determine the issue, and provide a cost estimate.

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