Plumbing Jobs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

In an era where homeowners are taught that getting your hands dirty can save you a ton of money on home improvement tasks, it can be tempting to want to pick up a plunger and a wrench and fix your own plumbing problems. Though it has been proven to save money in some instances, there are certain tasks like pumping the septic tank or installing a water heater, that is dangerous or too complex to complete without the proper education, training, and experience.

If you searched the web you’d find a ton of DIY plumbing projects gone wrong that end up causing more damage and costing more money. As the plumbing system can sometimes be very complex, outside of unclogging a toilet or putting some draining solution down the drain, it is probably best to contact a pro. Below is a look at a few plumbing jobs, you should definitely hire a professional for.

Septic Tank Pumping

For properties who have a septic tank, this is a plumbing job you don’t want to do yourself. Your septic tank is an underground system used to safely remove and treat wastewaters from your home to the central sewage system. Regular pumping is required to ensure that your plumbing system doesn’t back up and waste doesn’t start flowing into your drains. Trying to enter or pump the tank yourself is not only a bad idea, but is very unsafe as the tank pushes out toxic gases that if inhaled can lead to death. It is best instead to contact a plumber who does septic tank pumping orlando or in whichever city you reside.

Water Heater Installation

Purchasing a more efficient water heater is a great way to save money and increase the value of your property. Though it may seem simple enough to install, it is actually very dangerous to complete this job on your own. As most water heaters operate on natural gas that will require working with the gas lines, this could be a health and fire hazard. Not to mention, if not installed properly, a water heater will leak water and steam which can eventually lead to mold buildup.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to plumbing tasks you should not do yourself. Completing either of these jobs on your own is not only hazardous to your health, but could result in further damage to your home including fires, gas leaks, and black mold buildup. When a plumbing task requires specialized skills and potential dangers attached, hiring a plumber to do the job is certainly worth the cost.

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