How to Help Your Toddler Beat the Heat This Summer

When the heat rises, you probably see warnings on the news, stating that elderly people and toddlers are most susceptible to heat strokes and related issues. That said, there are several ways you could help your toddler beat the summertime heat. —and several of those ways are listed below.

4 Cups of Ice Water = Healthy, Cooling Hydration

The average water needs for a toddler between one and three years old is 4 8-ounce cups daily. When you add ice, it’s an immediate cool-down for your cutie. The ice water will also meet their daily water needs. However, if your kiddo goes outside, up their consumption of ice water to another cup. You want to stay ahead of their hydration needs.

Keep the AC Updated and Working Great

Ideally, your toddlers should stay inside, in a well-cooled home, on super-hot days—especially when there are heat advisories all over the news. With that said, you can ensure a healthy, happy kiddo this summer by keeping your AC updated and working great in anticipation of the heat with the help of hvac services to make sure your a/c is functioning properly. If your area is known to get SUPER hot in the summertime, prepare sooner with AC work while the weather is still cool. You can call and hire a professional from a sub zero repair service near you.

Accompany Your Toddler to the Backyard Pool—but Slather on Plenty of Sunscreen and Keep Swim Time Short

If you have a backyard swimming pool, take your tot for a swim—but slather on LOTS of sunscreen, if you have been planning on making your pool bigger or maybe even completely different, then don’t hesitate to call the Gunite Pool Builders. You should also keep swim time to a maximum of 20 to 25 minutes. If your pool is under shade trees, all the better.

Or, you could even wait until the sun sets a bit and the heat cools to a comfortable temperature before venturing with your toddler to the pool. If you don’t have a pool, then you can get one installed by contacting these Pool Design Services.

Lightweight Cotton is a Summertime Clothing Go-To for Toddlers and Adults Alike

This one is a good idea for kids and adults alike. Lightweight cotton clothing is a go-to if you don’t want your kiddo running around in their diaper or underwear. Opt for something light, airy, and breathable, allowing your tot’s skin to stay cool, dry, and breezy. Cloying clothing that sticks to your skin can cause heatstroke in no time. So, make sure yourself and your tyke are properly attired if you head outdoors.

Summertime heat can be brutal, especially on toddlers. However, the aforementioned tips should help you beat the heat with your tiny tot this summer.

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