How To Downsize

Have you been considering downsizing your home? The tiny house movement has been trending recently and people all over the world are choosing to live more simply with less. It is a lifestyle and a philosophy that gives many people a sense of freedom and peace of mind.

Reduce Your Belongings

When someone moves from a large home into a smaller home, they don’t have as much space to keep all of their belongings. If you plan to move into a smaller home, you may need to sell, donate, and throw out a lot of your belongings that you don’t use regularly. Rent a storage unit from storage unit Lodi for any items that you can’t bring with you to your smaller dwelling but you are not willing to part with.

Measure the Furniture

You may already have a mental image of where you will put your recliner and where you will set up the entertainment center. You can’t know for sure if everything will fit the way you planned unless you measure everything first. If you wait until moving day you may find that certain items don’t fit which would not be fun. For this, I recommend that you hire professional movers as they are the ones who are the experts in the moving process.

Decide What to Keep

The most difficult aspect of downsizing is determining what items to keep and what items to let go of. Books are the first items people sell or donate since they are heavy and a pain to move. Any books you have already read and don’t plan to reread can be let go.

Whether you are downsizing to a tiny house, a small cottage, or an RV camper, it is the lifestyle of living with less that is so appealing. Living smaller means a lower cost of living, less upkeep, and cleaning.  Downsizing can mean different things to different people, but the end goal is the same.

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