Expand The Living Space

When a homeowner decides to expand their living space, they have three options. They could simply add onto the home by building new rooms or levels. This gets expensive very quickly and pushes many homeowners to consider simply buying a new, bigger house. Remodeling to convert existing space into livable area is much cheaper than adding on and less of a hassle than moving. Many homeowners consider the basement, but converting the attic is often easier and provides a better living space when completed.

Why Attics are Better

Attics don’t suffer from the same problems and hassles as basements do. They won’t be prone to flooding or moisture damage. Since they probably aren’t where furnaces, water heaters or laundry machines are located, they will probably be quieter. Being fully above ground, they will have many more options for windows or dormers, and they are a great place for skylights. Overall, an attic can be made into a comfortable and beautiful living space that will feel airy and light as opposed to damp and gloomy.

Keep Building Codes in Mind

As with all remodels and extensions to a home’s living space, there are building codes to keep in mind. Cities may have a variety of limits and regulations on where living space can be located and what features it needs to have. Not all attics can simply be gutted and remade. A professional local contractor, such as those found at remodelingcontractor.com, will be familiar with the building codes that may impact a particular home. They can advise a homeowner about whether their attic is suitable for conversion and what they will need to do in order to bring it up to code.

Safe Stairs and Access

Since most houses weren’t designed to give easy and normal access to attic space, a major hurdle usually involves the stairs. Getting good stair access impacts not just the attic but also the level below it. Significant changes may need to be made to the lower level, especially if the attic was normally accessed by a ladder or pull-down stairs, which will not work for a conversion. Again a local contractor can help with this plan and give the homeowner an idea of the changes they may need to make.

Attic conversions can bring much needed and welcome space and comfort to a home. The beauty that can be created from an attic space is dazzling and shatters the assumption that attics are stuffy cobweb filled places suitable only for boxes of forgotten heirlooms. Many homeowners have saved a bundle of money and time by considering an attic remodel.

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