Checking For Roof Damage

After a severe storm with high winds, you might notice that there is damage to the roof. There are a few ways that you can spot wind damage before calling someone for repairs. A wind damage roof repair Mckinney TX company can come to the home to make sure there are no leaks in the structure before replacing shingles that have been blown away or to replace any beams that might be loose.

There are some areas of the roof that are more susceptible to damage than others. The corners can often peel back from the strong force of the wind as it doesn’t always blow in the same direction. However, the center of the roof might not see as much stress since it’s a larger area and since there isn’t as much risk of the wind picking up the edges as it would along the corners of the roof.

If the materials on the roof are a bit loose, then it’s easier for even the slightest wind to raise the shingles and other components and rip them off from the home. If the materials are not picked up during one wind storm, then the next one could damage the area if the roof is not repaired. Items that are picked up in the yard by the wind or limbs that are broken off by the wind can damage the roof as well.

After the storm, you need to carefully examine the area at the base of the home as this is usually where you will see shingles that have blown off. Once you have checked the ground, examine the surface of the roof. Pay attention to any cracks that you might see or any small holes as these can turn into a larger problem. Aside from the exterior of the home, look at the ceiling as this can give an indication of any leaks that might be present. A roofing company can either repair the areas that are damaged or install a new roof depending on the damage that has occurred. If you need a new roof, consider one that is metal as there are no shingles to blow away, and it will often last for a longer time.

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