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Mosquitos: How to Eliminate or Prevent Pesky Pests

Mosquitos aren’t just annoying; they can also pose a serious health risk and spread a wide array of diseases. If you live in an area where mosquitos are prevalent, it’s important to follow a few simple tips to keep them away from your yard, garden, and home. By following these steps, you can either prevent these pesky insects from bothering you or eliminate them so they no longer pose a risk to you and your family.

Look for Standing Water

The key to preventing mosquitos in the first place is by not allowing their larvae to form and hatch. You can do this by taking a quick survey around your home, making sure there is no standing water. Dump and turn over old tires, buckets, and toys that might be collecting water. Without this water, the larvae cannot survive.

Simple Ways to Kill Larvae

There are a few easy things you can do if you discover mosquito larvae around your home. Add a layer of oil to any items with standing water, and it will suffocate the larvae to keep them from hatching. A more natural option is apple cider vinegar, which will kill the larvae within 24 hours or less. Other options include dish soap, shampoo, or bleach. Adding these to the water should kill off the larvae.

Call a Professional

If it turns out that you have a serious, ongoing mosquito problem, you may need to contact a local pest control company like Raleigh NC squirrel removal. If you happen to have a pond near your home, they may need to apply a special mosquito pond treatment that can kill off both larvae and any hatched mosquitos that return to the pond.

Keep Plant Life Under Control

Many pests, including mosquitos, like to hide in thick greenery and plant life. Keep your landscaping neatly trimmed, particularly near ponds and water shorelines. Make sure trees are properly trimmed and that branches are not growing close to windows and doors. By making sure your plants are kept up, you can help to keep the mosquito population at bay.

Even though they can be found in large numbers, there are simple things you can do to eliminate or prevent mosquitos. Enjoy your time outside this summer and beyond by following these easy tips so that you can enjoy your spring and summer mosquito-free, and don’t forget about your inside as well, remember that pests like bed bugs love to be inside your home!