4 Home Renovation Projects You Probably Shouldn’t Tackle on Your Own

When it comes to renovating homes, many property owners are taking on the bulk of the projects themselves. Though the “do it yourself” concept seems to be a feasible way to save a few dollars on your renovation budget, sometimes it can work against you. No matter how many DIY guides you’ve read and television shows you’ve watched, certain projects require a specific set of skills that most homeowners can’t learn overnight. Below is a look at four home improvements you should likely leave to the experts.

Demolition ProjectsAre you thinking of creating a more open space in your living room area? If so, you’ll probably need to knock down a few walls. Though it may seem like all you need is a sledge hammer and some upper body strength, knocking down the wrong wall could prove catastrophic. There are walls in the home that act as support beams, contain pipes, and even have electrical wires running through them. Renovation experts on the other hand are aware of what to look for to save your home’s integrity. You can search the web to find general contractor leads in your area.

Removing PaintAdding paint to a room is a great way to spruce things up a bit. However, in many instances you have to strip the old paint before applying a new coat. If you live in an older house you could be dealing with lead paint. Large concentrations of led can be dangerous – especially for children. General contractors know the proper process for removing and disposing of lead paint chippings.

Asbestos Removal Asbestos is another type of material used to build older homes. Though it can be located anywhere, asbestos is prevalent in places that have plumbing pipes, vinyl floor tiles (older tiles), and even roofing shingles. If exposed to asbestos there are a host of medical conditions you could be dealing with, including cancer. Therefore, if you live in a home that was built prior to 1970 it’s best to have a general contractor remove the asbestos for you.

Rewiring/Electrical WorkUnless you’re a certified electrician, you should never mess with the electrical system in your home. Projects that may require rewiring or the installation of new power lines should be left up to a professional. Improper installation or rewiring could lead to serious dangers including a house fire. Not to mention, most electrical work must be in compliance with local building code ordinances which is likely something you’re not familiar with.

Your home is likely one of the biggest investments you’ve made. When it comes to making renovations to improve the overall value or appeal of the home, sometimes doing it yourself could cause more harm than good. When completing projects such as those listed above, use extreme precaution in locating a certified, licensed, and insured general contractor to complete the task.

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