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You Learn to Appreciate Things a Whole Lot More when You Have to Go Without Them for a Few Days

It was late March and we were way over our household budget. We needed about three months of overtime to get back on track and have a buffer. When the furnace quit, we figured we would just tough it out until the weather turned warmer. I mean, pretty soon and the AC would have to be turned on, and we could get the furnace fixed later in the summer. Well, the up and down temps had us feeling miserable in our own house, so we called a place that does heating and air conditioning services in Wayne NJ.

We thought the furnace was done for. We thought that the only option would be to replace it. Continue reading

Home Upgrades for Hurricane-Prone Areas

If you live on the Florida coastline, you know all about extreme weather. Hurricanes hit the area regularly throughout the storm season. These hurricanes bring record wind, rain and waves. They also bring a lot of potential damage. If you own a home in a hurricane-prone area, here are some upgrades you should consider making before the next storm season.

Install a Cargo Lift

Most coastal and beach front homes are built on elevated platforms. Builders understand that storm surges happen on the Florida coast and an elevated house protects structures and possessions. It does add some complexity, however. When you bring home eight bags from the grocery store or buy a new piece of furniture, getting it upstairs is going to be a pain. That’s where a cargo lift comes in. These lifts, installed outside your home, provide a safe, easy way to move items upstairs. To make your life easier, check out some beach house cargo lifts.

Install Storm Shutters

Houses have windows. Windows break, especially during fierce storms and hurricanes. One of the best ways to protect them is with good quality storm shutters. By installing these shutters on all of your windows, you can prevent the painful cost of replacing glass after the next big storm. As you shop for storm shutters, make sure to read reviews and buy something high-quality that can lock in place.

Maintain Your Trees

In most storms, one of the biggest causes of damage is from trees. Trees fall over and crash into vehicles and houses. Dead tree branches break off and fly through windows. To prevent tree damage in the next storm, there’s a few things to do. First, make sure that any dead or weak branches are removed from the tree. Second, trim your tree, especially if it is close to the house. Have your tree checked by an arborist to make sure the root system is strong and healthy.

Florida weather is no joke. Make these upgrades before the next storm and enjoy the added protection and peace of mind they bring.

Picking Your Alma Mater

When you’re a junior and senior in high school, there’s a lot of pressure to figure out which university you’ll be attending after graduation. With all of the factors involved, how do you possibly choose? Though there’s many more to consider, here are a couple of points that you can start thinking about.

Campus Size

Do you want to be a part of a big college town with towers of educational construction, or attend a smaller, less intimidating university? It depends on your needs as a student and individual. If you can assert yourself confidently and love participating in multiple aspects of college life, a larger university would work for you. For those of you who are overwhelmed by a crowded campus, a university such as a private college might be more fitting. Smaller schools have smaller departments, and it’s much easier to become familiar with your colleagues when it’s a generally smaller university.

Dorm Life

Many say a major part of the college experience is getting to live in dormitories during the school year. You can meet many new people and become involved in campus life easier that way. It’s a nice transition from living with your parents to living on your own while learning how to share a space with another, whether they’re a stranger or a good friend. Dorm life isn’t for everyone, however. Even if you commute, you can still participate in campus life, and for less of the cost if you live at home.

University Population

The student-to-faculty ratio can be a very important aspect of a college that can make or break your decision to go there. With less students per teacher, you won’t feel as though you’ll get lost in the sea of your fellow classmates. This means you will receive a more individualized education. A downside would be that there won’t be as big of a variety of people in your classes and on-campus. Wherever you decide to go, let these deciding factors give you food for thought.

Check Every Part of Your Plastic Tank Fabricators

If you are dealing with vast quantities of chemicals and need storage for them, consider having plastic tanks custom made for you. If you are storing thinks like chemicals you will want to make sure you chose a company that is trusted and well-known for high-quality plastic tank fabrication.

Their Website

The first and therefore easiest thing to check about a plastic tank fabricating company is their website, as it can give you an immediate idea of how professional the company is. A company’s website is their first impression with its customer and should be created with pride. The website should clearly indicate how long the company has been fabricating plastic tanks and other products and what makes them different from their competition. A website that looks poorly made can be a red flag. It may be a sign of their skill level, standard of excellence or attention to detail. They should offer you the latest news regarding their company and plastic tanks, as well an easy way of contacting them if you should have any questions or concerns. A gallery of images of their tanks would also be beneficial.

Their Services

Of course, the most important aspect of a plastic tank fabrication company is the services they offer. As your demands might be different from those of others, a company that custom builds tanks to your individual specifications would be best. Ensure the fabricators also offer chemical storage tanks, electropolishing and anodizing tanks, and hot dip galvanizing equipment.

Their Staff

It goes without saying that a team is only as good as the people in it, so you will want to make sure the fabrication company you hire is staffed by capable and caring people. This can also be easily done as you peruse their website, as they should have a well-written and informative “About Us” section.

Reasons Why You Should Hire An AC Repair Professional

Air conditioners were first brought to the world in the first decade of the 20th century, though they never became widely available in the United States until several decades later. Today, air conditioners are seemingly everywhere – in cars, homes, and buildings, among other places. Even though air conditioners are so popular in today’s world, few people understand how they work and what steps they should take to repair them in the event of damage. Here are several reasons why you should hire an AC repair professional instead of assuming the task yourself.

You’ll Be On The Hook For Damages

Every air conditioner repair company that is worth its salt makes sure that their employees are insured, licensed, and bonded, which helps protect companies against having to pay for damages that their own employees cause. Thanks to them being covered, their employers’ insurance providers pay out an amount of cash that they agree upon before the incident happened. If you take on the responsibility of air conditioner repair yourself, you won’t be able to pin the liability for broken things on others.

Your HVAC System’s Warranty Could Go Bad If You Try To Fix It

Most HVAC systems’ warranties immediately become devoid of value if anybody other than a certified, experienced HVAC repair technician attempts to fix your HVAC unit. HVAC units, if you don’t know already, cost several thousand dollars, even for relatively small homes in areas with mild weather! As such, there’s no sense in ruining that system’s warranty by trying to fix it yourself.

You’ll End Up Making Unnecessary Repairs

Diagnosing machinery like HVAC units is often tricky. Further, most laypeople who attempt to fix their HVAC systems have absolutely zero experience with HVAC units or systems. This means that you’ll probably end up trying to fix multiple components in your home’s HVAC unit that aren’t even broken, meaning you’ll ultimately spend more money and waste more time by doing it yourself.

To get your air conditioner back in business, look out for ac repair near me.

Chimney Maintenance 101: When Do You Need To Clean It?

One of the reasons you purchased your home was the beautiful chimney in the family room. It is a focal point of the house, and in the cold winter months, it is the place everyone gathers around. As spring approaches and brings with it warmer days and nights, it may be time to check into routine chimney maintenance. Do you know when you need to clean your chimney? If you don’t keep it in tip-top shape, it may wind up failing and catching on fire.

How Often Does a Chimney Need Cleaning?

Unlike other appliances or elements of your house, there is no recommended or fixed schedule for getting your chimney cleaned. If you use it very often and the wood does not always burn completely, it may cause black smoke to become trapped inside the inner workings of the fireplace. This smoke contains a chemical called creosote. It is the creosote buildup you have to get cleaned using chimney cleaning Washington DC.

How Can You Tell the Chimney Needs Cleaning?

You can tell when it needs servicing by doing a visual inspection. First, you want to make sure there is no draft blowing down the chimney. If there is, you will need to reverse it by ventilating the inside of your home for a bit. This is so you don’t get the creosote blown down on you when you stick your head in to take a peak. Use a flashlight to increase your field of vision. Take a sharp object and scratch at the black deposits around the flue and above the firebox. The deeper the scratch, the more buildup you have. The rule of thumb is service your chimney when the scratch is 1/8 inch deep or more. If it is 1/4 inch deep, do not use the fireplace until it gets serviced.

Keeping your family safe from an unfortunate accident is your top priority. Getting your fireplace and chimney serviced can help it stay in working order.

Mosquitos: How to Eliminate or Prevent Pesky Pests

Mosquitos aren’t just annoying; they can also pose a serious health risk and spread a wide array of diseases. If you live in an area where mosquitos are prevalent, it’s important to follow a few simple tips to keep them away from your yard, garden, and home. By following these steps, you can either prevent these pesky insects from bothering you or eliminate them so they no longer pose a risk to you and your family.

Look for Standing Water

The key to preventing mosquitos in the first place is by not allowing their larvae to form and hatch. You can do this by taking a quick survey around your home, making sure there is no standing water. Dump and turn over old tires, buckets, and toys that might be collecting water. Without this water, the larvae cannot survive.

Simple Ways to Kill Larvae

There are a few easy things you can do if you discover mosquito larvae around your home. Add a layer of oil to any items with standing water, and it will suffocate the larvae to keep them from hatching. A more natural option is apple cider vinegar, which will kill the larvae within 24 hours or less. Other options include dish soap, shampoo, or bleach. Adding these to the water should kill off the larvae.

Call a Professional

If it turns out that you have a serious, ongoing mosquito problem, you may need to contact a local pest control company. If you happen to have a pond near your home, they may need to apply a special mosquito pond treatment that can kill off both larvae and any hatched mosquitos that return to the pond. Talk to your local pest control and find out what kinds of mosquito elimination are available.

Keep Plant Life Under Control

Many pests, including mosquitos, like to hide in thick greenery and plant life. Keep your landscaping neatly trimmed, particularly near ponds and water shorelines. Make sure trees are properly trimmed and that branches are not growing close to windows and doors. By making sure your plants are kept up, you can help to keep the mosquito population at bay.

Even though they can be found in large numbers, there are simple things you can do to eliminate or prevent mosquitos. Enjoy your time outside this summer and beyond by following these easy tips so that you can enjoy your spring and summer mosquito-free.